EIM-BOSR Energy Imbalance Market – Body of State Regulators

The Energy Imbalance Market – Body of State Regulators (EIM – BOSR) was established in September 2015, as a part of the governance proposal adopted by the Board of Governors of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to address the regional nature of its energy imbalance market (EIM). The EIM – BOSR is comprised of one commissioner from each of the state public utilities commissions in which a regulated load-serving utility participates or plans to participate in the CAISO EIM. The EIM – BOSR provides a forum for state commissioners to (1) select a voting member of the EIM Governing Body Nominating Committee, (2) learn about and discuss the EIM and CAISO markets, and (3) express a common position in CAISO stakeholder processes or to the EIM Governing Body on EIM issues.