PV on a Pole™ Potential in the West

The Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) is pleased to release a report titled, “PV on a Pole™ Potential in the West.” As part of the Western Interstate Energy Board’s Reserve Expenditure Plan, the Board approved a proposal from the State of New Mexico, requesting that WIEB explore the potential of bringing PV on a Pole™ to customers throughout the West.

PV on a Pole™ is a technology concept designed by the New Mexico Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) to bring clean solar power to families in manufactured housing. Manufactured housing generally cannot accommodate traditional rooftop solar panels on the roof. Therefore, PV on a Pole™ provides a practical solution by placing a four-panel PV system on a single vertical pole with a line connecting the nearby manufactured home.

Many states and provinces in the West are pursuing policy initiatives that continue to increase solar development. States like New Mexico want to ensure policies are in place to encourage utilities and clean energy developers not to overlook potentially energy burdened residents.

This report reviews publicly available data and information to estimate the West’s potential opportunity to bring PV on a Pole™ to manufactured housing communities throughout the West. The report concludes with a tangible solar policy option that states and provinces can consider to target these potentially energy burdened communities.