EIM-BOSR Comments on CAISO Initiative: Revisions to EIM Market Governance Documents | December 18, 2017

EIM-BOSR Library

The Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Body of State Regulators (BOSR) submitted comments to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) regarding proposed revisions to EIM market governance documents. These comments are in response to the November 17, 2017, CAISO Issue Paper that proposes changes to the Selection Policy for the EIM Governing Body (“Selection Policy”) and the Guidance for Handling Policy Initiatives within the Decisional Authority or Advisory Role of the EIM Governing Body (“Guidance Document”). The proposed revisions to the Selection Policy are designed to address the situation where a Governing Body Member seeks to be nominated for a new term. The BOSR assigns a high priority to the dual objective of maintaining the independence and discretion of the Nominating Committee and conducting an open and transparent selection process. The BOSR has recommended changes to the CAISO proposal that support this dual objective.