High-Level Radioactive Waste Committee 2018 Policy Papers | November 2018

Nuclear Library, WIEB Library

In 2018, the HLRWC completed and approved four more policy papers, continuing their key initiative of the past few years. In these papers, the HLRWC reached consensus on a broad range of often contentious ideas, a testament to their experience and their commitment to interstate cooperation. These policies contribute four more important pieces to the HLRWC’s vision of what a safe and publicly acceptable spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste transportation program should look like. These four policies have been presented to the WIEB Board, and have been approved. The 2018 policy papers are:

  1. Social Risk [pdf]
  2. Full-Scale Cask Testing [pdf]
  3. Origin Site Transportation Coordination [pdf]
  4. Funding for State and Local Development and Implementation of a Transportation System [pdf]