High-Level Radioactive Waste Committee 2020 Policy Paper and amendments to already-approved policy papers | April 2020

Nuclear Library, WIEB Library

The HLRWC made another installment to their policy paper repertoire with the approval of Position Paper 2020-1: Transportation Responsibilities Non-Delegable to Private Entities. This paper solidifies the long-time stance of the HLRWC and the Western states that there are certain spent nuclear fuel transportation responsibilities that should not be delegated to agents or contractors. In addition to this new position paper, the HLRWC has also amended some of their already-approved papers in order to strengthen and refine them. The HLRWC appreciates the engagement of many stakeholders, including U.S. DOE and NRC, in contributing ideas that helped form these amendments. The amended papers are available under their original HLRWC Library entries. As always, the new position paper as well as the amendments have been presented to and approved by the WIEB Board.

Policy 2020-1 – Non-Deleg Responsibilities_Final