New Approaches to Distributed PV Interconnection: Implementation Considerations for Addressing Emerging Issues | February 2019

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In recent years, the rapid adoption of customer-sited solar photovoltaic (PV) and other distributed energy resources (DERs) has led to a variety of innovations and new approaches in assessing costs, grid conditions, and requirements for interconnecting DERs to the grid. Large volumes of interconnection requests in some states and utility service areas have led to a renewed focus on equity, cost, efficiency, and transparency throughout various stages of the interconnection process, and the proliferation of new technologies, such as storage and advanced inverters, can introduce new considerations for interconnection.

This report examines emerging issues and policy innovations associated with interconnecting residential- and commercial-scale PV to facilitate sharing of lessons learned and best practices across jurisdictions. The following topics are discussed in the report:

  • PV coupled with storage
  • Hosting capacity
  • Locational value
  • Advanced inverters
  • Cost certainty
  • Cost allocation
  • Application process automation