Spring 2021 Joint CREPC-WIRAB Webinar Series #2 – Western EIM Governance


In December 2018, the California ISO kicked-off an initiative to review governance of the Western EIM. One of the central issues in the Western EIM Governance Review has been whether there should be a change to the delegation and process regarding the Governing Body’s authority over market changes. A July 2020 Straw Proposal contemplates a joint authority model, under which proposed changes to market rules included in the Tariff would go to both the CAISO Board of Governors and the EIM Governing Body for discussion and approval before a request can be filed seeking FERC’s approval. Speakers discussed the current governance model and provided their perspectives on the proposed joint authority alternative.

• Kristine Raper, Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission and Body of State Regulators Member, Western EIM Governance Review Committee
• Carla Peterman, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison
• Elliot Mainzer, President and CEO, California ISO
• Scott Bolton, Senior Vice President, Transmission Development, PacifiCorp