Spring 2021 Joint CREPC-WIRAB Webinar Series #3 – Resource Adequacy in the West


The changing resource adequacy paradigm in the West continues to be a topic of interest at Joint CREPC-WIRAB Meetings.  Extreme weather events and related blackouts continue to highlight the need to identify new tools and opportunities to ensure and maintain resource adequacy.  In December 2020, WECC completed its Western Assessment of Resource Adequacy Report. The Northwest Power Pool has completed a preliminary conceptual design of its voluntary Resource Adequacy Program, hired the Southwest Power Pool to serve as its Program Developer, went live with an interim solution in 2020, and plans to enter into a phased implementation of the program in mid-2021.  Speakers from WECC and the Northwest Power Pool provided an overview and progress reports on their efforts.


  • Branden Sudduth, Vice President, Reliability Planning and Performance Analysis, WECC
  • Susan Ackerman, Chief Energy Officer, Eugene Water and Electric Board
  • Steve Wright, General Manager, Chelan County P.U.D
  • Letha Tawney, Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission