WEIM BOSR Comments on the EDAM Revised Straw Proposal

The EDAM Revised Straw Proposal is the product of a comprehensive, open, and collaborative stakeholder process, and the BOSR applauds the effort of all participants thus far. The BOSR acknowledges that the EDAM efforts are complex and multifaceted and, therefore, progress and resolution of the various market design matters is necessarily uneven. Significant progress has been made on one of the most critical topics in the EDAM initiative—the EDAM Resource Sufficiency Evaluation (RSE) and the BOSR offers specific comments on this design component. Stakeholders continue to discuss another critical topic in the initiative—the EDAM Transmission Commitment and the BOSR intends to offer comments on this topic at a future time. This sequential approach allows the BOSR to address important EDAM design topics when they are fully developed.