WIEB Webinar: HLRWC 2017 Policy Papers

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The Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) High-Level Radioactive Waste Committee (HLRWC) has gathered and distilled the experience it has developed over decades of engagement with various nuclear waste transportation programs into nine policy papers. The HLRWC collectively developed and approved these policy positions, and they have been subsequently adopted by the WIEB Board. This webinar will focus on the five papers adopted in 2017. HLRWC members Ken Niles and Justin Cochran, joined by WIEB HLRW Program Manager Melanie Snyder, described the development process and goals of these policy papers, then detailed some of the key features of each individual paper. The presentation was followed by a robust discussion (not included here). The five papers that were discussed are: 

  1. The “WIPP Transportation Model” and Its Application to Spent Nuclear Fuel/High-Level Waste Transport
  2. Physical Protection Requirements for Spent Nuclear Fuel Transport
  3. Ship Oldest Fuel First
  4. Rail Route Safety: Track, Grade Crossings, Bridges, and Switches
  5. Rail Shipment Inspections