WIEB Webinar: New Approaches to Defining HLRW

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The U.S. statutory definitions of “high-level radioactive waste” (HLW) have long been criticized for being largely based on the source of the nuclear waste, rather than being based on the waste’s characteristics, desired disposal pathways, or risk management ideas. In October 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) offered a new interpretation of the term HLW which seeks to partly rectify the term’s definitional limitations. In this webinar, Melanie K Snyder, the Western Interstate Energy Board’s (WIEB) High-Level Radioactive Waste Program Manager, explored this new interpretation. A brief history and explanation of HLW was followed by a close look at DOE’s proposal, examining it from legal, regulatory, and risk management perspectives. The webinar concluded with some suggested paths forward, as well as an open offer for further dialogue on this issue.

A copy of the slides is available HERE.