WIRAB Advice to FERC on the CAISO Proposed Tariff Amendment and RC Oversight Committee Charter


WIRAB submitted advice supporting the CAISO proposed Tariff amendment to provide Reliability Coordinator (RC) services for entities in the Western Interconnection. The proposed Tariff amendments outlined the rate design, terms and conditions for its RC services and making reference to the formation of a CAISO RC Oversight Committee and the development of an Oversight Committee charter.  The role of the CAISO RC Oversight Committee would be to provide input and guidance to the CAISO RC on matters relating to performance of the RC function.  The Oversight Committee charter would determine membership, responsibilities, and procedures for the Oversight Committee. In its advice to FERC, WIRAB highlighted key principles for RC governance and decision-making to ensured that the provision of RC Services is conducted in a manner that best serves the public interest. These principles include:

  1. Transparent decision making by the RC;
  2. Independent decision making by the RC; and
  3. Meaningful input and advice from WIRAB.

WIRAB worked with the CAISO in an effort to incorporate WIRAB’s key principles into the CAISO RC oversight committee charter and in doing so supports the terms under which the CAISO proposes to provide RC services in the West