WIRAB Webinar – Introduction to Remedial Action Schemes (RAS) in the West

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body (WIRAB) hosted a webinar to inform members and interested stakeholders of the importance of Remedial Action Schemes (RAS) and their role in the reliable operation of the Western Interconnection. A Remedial Action Scheme is a large-scale systematic plan designed to detect predetermined system conditions and automatically take corrective action. Experts from the Western Electricity Coordination Council (WECC), Peak Reliability and NV Energy described what Remedial Action Schemes are and why they are important to the West. These experts also described some of the more important Remedial Action Schemes in the West and walked through some recent events when Remedial Action Schemes detected a predetermined system condition and automatically took corrective action.

This WIRAB RAS webinar provided a valuable opportunity for non-engineers to learn about the complexities of maintaining and operating a reliable electric grid in the West.

A copy of the slides are available HERE